Through my travels over the past 20 years I have taken many thousands of photos, many have been published in newspapers and magazines. Mostly I travel to the lesser travelled areas of the world as detailed in the table below. This is not an exhaustive list so if you are looking for photographs from a country not listed please ask I may have them. 
Algeria Greece Luxembourg Sweden
Belgium Guatemala Macau Switzerland
Bolivia Guinee Mali Syria
Botswana Holland Morrocco Tenerife
Chile Honduras Namibia Thailand
China Hong Kong Niger Tunisia
Congo Hungary Oman Turkey
Czech Republic India
United Arab Emirates
Egypt Iran Poland USA
El Salvador Italy Romania USSR
England Jordan Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan
France Kenya Scotland Wales
Ireland Lebanon Serbia Zambia
Germany Portugal South Africa Zimbabwe

Libya Spain

As well as Travel Photgraphs I also do documentary photographs (Cambridge Photo button above) and exhibitions. 

All photographs are taken on 35mm colour print film. Those proofs appearing on this website have been scanned in from the negatives, again it is not an exhaustive list of what I have. Some of my earlier work happened before the advent of digital pictures so they will appear on this site in due course when I have scanned the negatives.

If you would like to know more then please click in the contact me button above and e-mail me your requests. I also undertake commissions.