One Year in Cambridge - 2002

I used to spend most of my day driving a van around Cambridge fixing domestic appliances. During that time I saw many changes to the city. New buildings going up others coming down. The biggest change I saw was the immense increase in the traffic. Since leaving University I spend a lot of my spare time cycling around photographing Cambridge or rowing on the river. I decided that I would like to pick several spots in the city and photograph them once a month and plot the differences the seasons make to the city. I also hope that in some of the photos you will see some changes to the fabric of the city. I took all the photos as close to the first day of the month starting on New Years day.

A Year in the Garden
Christ Pieces
Downing Street
Gas Works
The River North from Green Dragon Bridge
The Guild Hall
Harry Scott Court
Jesus Green
Kings Parade
Market Street
Mathematicians Bridge
Midsummer Common
Mill Pond
New Square
Parkers Piece
Pumping Station
River Side
St Andrew's Street
North Stourbridge Common
South Stourbridge Common
St Tibbs Row
The Backs
Town Park

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